Lindsay’s Toronto Boudoir Photography Experience

Blonde woman standing holding a beige curtain smiling wearing a white bodice for her Toronto boudoir photography session.

Lindsay’s Toronto boudoir photography experience with Gibson Boudoir .  I asked her to share her story, and right away she said, “YES! I am super excited to be able to share this, because it really was such a healing experience for me!”


Listen to her story, in her words…

Lindsay’s Toronto Boudoir Photography Experience

Blonde woman sitting down with white pampas around her wearing a beige bodysuit.

When I first encountered Gibson Boudoir, it was through my sister who had suggested I give it a try.  It looked like a beautiful company giving women the opportunity to experience a luxurious boudoir Photoshoot; Little did I know it was that and so much more.

From the moment I connected with Amanda, the owner, I could feel an energy and confidence through the computer screen!  That made me feel comfortable to take this leap for me.

At the time I was feeling unsure of myself, being a mama of two and slowly coming to the realization, that I had been living in ‘the fog of motherhood’ where I forgot to dream and live for me. As well as, getting used to this new version of my skin post children and the nerves of being photographed, something I wasn’t fully comfortable with yet but I was very intrigued to experience this to hopefully gain some confidence while doing so.


It was time to step into being the woman I had always wanted to be.

Why Boudoir?

Woman sitting in a bathtub holding a beige towel with pampas all around for her boudoir photos.

For the longest time I’ve always envied woman who have had the courage to have boudoirs taken. To show all of themselves in a vulnerable way, is truly inspirational. But why did I never think I could do this for myself!?


I feel as though growing up in a world where there were magazine’s,  like ‘Cosmopolitan’, with girl of the month, Americas Next Top Model and even the Bachelor franchise, where there was this picture perfect image of what a confident sexy woman looked like, and I didn’t feel like I fit that mold; Therefore ruling myself out of any opportunity to feel comfortable in my own skin.


Felling completely and utterly confident, my most truest version of myself, well that’s never been the case.


A huge part of my reason for doing boudoir was to take back my own power and encourage others who feel similar,

to do the same!


After many years of healing and consistent adult therapy, I now recognize my lack of self confidence, especially with being sexy/sensual, was from my own experience with childhood trauma of sexual abuse.


I am taking back my own power, My Body, My Choice!


I was doing this for ME!


I wanted to break this old programming.


This felt like the next step for me.

Woman sitting a steps wearing Zyia lingerie for her Toronto Boudoir photography experience.

Going to My Toronto Boudoir Photography Session

Walking into the studio, I was nervous, excited and completely open to whatever was thrown my way. Amanda made this whole day feel so incredibly safe, fun and INSPIRATIONAL. She was professional, friendly and I instantly felt at ease.


The space was so stunning, with its natural lighting to the decor and all of the Gibson Boudoir Wardrobe options, all shapes sizes and comfort levels, and even ones to strive for…..which I did!


It felt as though I was in a dream, being pampered and taken care of.


The make up. I am not talented in this area, so thank goodness Amanda is. She executed the look I was wanting perfectly and did it so effortlessly. I was thankful for all of her expertise.


Blonde woman standing holding a beige curtain smiling wearing a white bodice for her Toronto boudoir photography session.

Feeling Empowered!  Lindsay’s Toronto Boudoir Photography Experience!


And then, something took over me and I felt a rush of confidence, pride in my body + its abilities to SHINE.


The day was filled with smiles, laughter and support. The gestures and tips Amanda gave me throughout the shoot was beyond helpful and gave me the confidence to try some new positions and looks. I even tried on some riskier wardrobe options, and was surprised by the transformation in my attitude of feeling like superwoman. I was feeling creative and loved collaborating with her.


I will definitely be doing this again and I am excited for the final product to see all of the gorgeous products she offers in her packages. The photos, photo books, canvas artwork are next level and I cannot wait to make my next purchase.


Amanda’s ability to give her clients the experience of luxury through her raw talent as a photographer, make up artistry and all that she brings to the table is no doubt worth every penny.


This is a gift I would give to all of those women in my life!


Blonde woman wearing a crop-top and black ZYIA underwear with white pampas hanging down at Mint Room Studios for her Luxury Toronto Boudoir photography experience.

After My Toronto Boudoir Photography Experience!


Since the shoot, I have been throwing my whole self into so many new opportunities and experiences that align with my authentic self and letting her SHINE!


Taking that leap to really leave your heart + soul in front of the camera is so incredibly freeing, yet empowering at the same time!


It lets others and yourself feel the magic of empowerment.  I’m excited to continue to learn, grow & explore my talents and passions like never before because I have FINALLY found that muse that was always in me but hidden for so long, by trauma, fear and shame.


My experience with Gibson Boudoir has given me the utmost confidence to feel it, believe it + truly be beyond proud of all that I am:

I am confident.

I am Sexy.

I am emotional.

I am healing.

I am brave.

I am bisexual.

I am proud.

I am fearless.

I am strong.

I am resilient.

I am an artist.

I am my own MUSE✨

Blonde woman sitting on a bathtub with her back to the camera wearing a rust coloured bodysuit and her hand in her hair.

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